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Ora Doci Ora Margos

1rst Album : Ora Doci Ora Margos (2014)

Elida Almeida overcomes the traumas of her troubled childhood on an album overflowing with folk melodies and seasoned with the beats of the Island of Santiago: batuque, funana and morna, uplifted by the subtle arrangements of guitarist Hernani Almeida.

“Ora doci Ora margos” reflects the hopes and dreams of young Cape Verdeans eager to escape their isolation and embrace the world. The young singer’s style isvery different from Cesaria Evora’s, yet it works the same enchantment, shining through in the sincerity of her voice and the allure of her message.

The album was released in Cape Verde in December 2014 (and in Portugal in January 2015) meeting immediate success thanks to the two videos “Nta Konsigui”and “Lebam Ku Bo”.

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