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Kebrada (2017)

Her first album, Ora doci, Ora margos (Sweet Moment, Bitter Moments), proved a success when it was released in 2015. Now Elida Almeida brings us Kebrada, a collection of all of her new songs following the spring 2017 release of a six-track EP whose Cabo Verdean Creole title, Djunta Kudjer (Putting Our Spoons Together), means becoming united in friendship, solidarity or even love.

Combining various genres and inspirations, the twelve tracks on the new album explore the traditions of the Sahel archipelago, a port of call for sailors crossing the Atlantic. With Elida, we set off on a voyage, too, from nostalgic ballads (Forti Dor, the story of son who died because he fell in with a bad crowd, or Nlibra di Bo, a song about separation that has a very Cuban touch) to the energy of batuque (N’Kreu), funanà (Grogu Kaba) and tabanka (Bersu d’Oru) beats.

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